Commercial Vehicle Wrapping Services In Dublin

If you want  24/7 moving advertisement for your business as well as complete protection for your vehicles, a vinyl wrap is the way to go. We offer commercial vehicle wrapping for any business in Ireland. We can wrap anything from a motorbike up to a lorry and everything in between. For years now vehicle advertising has been a key component of businesses creating brand awareness and recognition. They are an extremely cost effective method for SME’s to get their name out there and grow their customer base. It has long been accepted that a vehicle wrap is the best way for a company to spend part of their marketing budget. They offer maximum exposure anywhere the vehicle goes.

What does a commercial vehicle wrapping do for me?

A commercial vehicle wrap does many things. One thing it does is protect the paint underneath, keeping it intact for as long as its covered. A vinyl wrap will stop any stone chips, scratches or tar build up from occurring on the surface of the paint. Used alongside good vehicle detailing this will therefore we extend the life of your vehicle, keeping it fresh and new looking for a long time.

commercial vehicle wrapping

It isn’t permanent, meaning if you want to get rid of it that’s no problem. We can remove your wrap with absolutely no lasting effects to the paint underneath. This lack of permanency suits if you have a fleet of rented vehicles. You can wrap and change the exterior of these vehicles as much as you want. In fact, most rental companies expect this to be done to their vehicles. We don’t even have to remove the entire wrap. We can just change the sections you want. Lets say you move premises and want to change your address, phone number etc then we can change just them. What if you change your advertising campaign? That’s perfect too, we can remove as much or as little as you want.

Do I Need To Design My Own Wrap?

No, we can help you with this. Our in house design team will listen to exactly what you want and make it for you. We can show you using a mock-up exactly what the wrap will look like on your vehicle before its applied. Our team also know what works best for vehicle branding and so we can make you the very best and most effective wrap you can have. We are more than happy for you to come along with us on this design journey at every stage so you can have it just to your liking. You can also let us run free and create as we like and have you sign it off before we apply.

If you want to get a quote or start the process, get in contact with us today.