Carbon Fibre Car Wraps in Dublin

Do you want to give your vehicle a sportier, meaner look for a fraction of the cost of a new part? Carbon fibre car wraps are the choice for you. These are an ever increasingly popular part of car modification due to their cost and accessibility. Our carbon fibre wraps can be applied to any part of your car swiftly and with no lasting effects to your vehicle.

What Do Carbon Fibre Car Wraps Do?

A carbon fibre wrap will of course change the look of whatever its applied to, giving it a more impressive finish. However, it will do more than just this. It will give your vehicle protection and preservation. A carbon fibre wrap will protect your paint from the elements like the sun. Over time your paint will fade and lose its original colour due exposure to the light, leaving it dull. A wrap stops this by masking the paint underneath and keeping it safe.

On top of this it will stop wear and tear like chips, scratches and tar build up. The wrap is tough and won’t break with day to day use. In fact, a wrap should last you about 5 years once applied. We can keep your vehicle fresh and new looking for a long time.

carbon fibre car wraps dublin

 Are They Permanent?

No. The short of it is a carbon fibre wrap is not permanent. Once applied they can be removed by us at any time. Removing the wrap will have absolutely no lasting effects on the paint underneath. You will never even know there was a wrap there. Even if you just want to take the wrap off a small part of the car, that’s no problem. We can remove just sections of it.

Not only does it protect, but it also looks great. Carbon fibre is not cheap, especially for car parts. However, it does give a look no other material can. A carbon fibre wrap is the best option. Its cheap and non-permanent, so if you ever go to sell your vehicle you can easily remove it and have the original, intact paint underneath.

Carbon fibre wrapping is a great option for anyone looking to make their vehicle theirs. Wrapping anything is possible. From mirrors to wings and bonnets to boots, we can do it for you. Whether its to protect or preserve we are only a call away from giving your vehicle a fresh new look.