3M Vinyl Wraps-Why We Use 3M’s Products

Why do we use 3M Vinyl Wraps? We use 3M Vinyl Wraps because we feel they are the leaders in the industry in both quality and innovation. Our technicians are trained to get the very best out of these materials and give you the very best experience you can have. No matter what you want wrapped, we can do it.

3M leads the world in vinyl wrap innovations, and we want to be at the very cutting edge of their design processes. Due to their innovations and hard work we can provide you with the very best the vinyl wrap business has to offer. When you choose to get your wrap with us, you know that you are getting an A-rated service.

Some of the world’s leading brands make use of 3M’s vinyl wraps, on trains to fleets of vans. Why do they do this? Well, because they know 3M offers the best quality you can get. These vehicles are put through their trials, from being worked hard to covering literally thousands of miles. Throughout all of this, 3M’s vinyl wraps keep on working.

Not only do 3M’s wraps look good but they keep protecting these vehicles for a long time. They can stop damage like stone chips, tar build up, paint fading and damages to the paint from the environment. This makes for a perfect blend of aesthetic pleasure and pure practicality for at least 5 years, and more than likely longer.

3m vinyl wraps

Customisation With 3M’s Vinyl Wraps

Unsure what exactly you want your wrap to be? It’s absolutely no problem. 3M lets you take control and get exactly what you want. Work with one of our inhouse designers to get the precise look and finish you want for your branding.

Just want something to give your vehicle a different look? Well, choose from over 55 standard options that range from carbon fibre to brushed metal or unlock unlimited options using our colour matching options. Like the colour of your favourite jumper? We can wrap your car in that colour.

Don’t want to go all in and get a full 3M vinyl wrap. Perfect, we can wrap as much or as little of the vehicle as you want. Just want a decal? We can do that too. Our wraps give you a host of options.

We cater to all jobs, big or small. If it’s only the wing mirrors on your daily driver or your whole fleet of vans and lorries we can get the job done and give you what you want. Above all else, customer satisfaction is at the core of 3M vinyl wraps and we want to keep that ethos going.