Offer Car Wrap and Vehicle Wrapping in Ireland

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Vehicle wrap advertising is a marketing method that involves wrapping a vehicle in an advertisement or company logo and colors. The final result is a mobile billboard that carries your message wherever it goes. Previously cars were painted for advertising. However, a new method of advertising has emerged that uses large vinyl sheets to deliver the message.  We also provide this option of Car and Van wrapping in Ireland

Switching the ad campaign is easy and cheap thanks to the vinyl sheets. Large vehicles, smaller cars and even ATV’s use this very versatile product. Even complex surface structures are no problem.  We offer this car and van wrap in Dublin and surrounding areas and it can even be used on electric scooters. If you buy an e scooter in Ireland you can bring it to us in Dublin and we will take care of wrapping it in chrome, carbon, metallic or whatever you would like the full colour finish to be. Enjoy the benefits too of 3M protection with your new colour change.

What is Car and Van Wrapping?

Your company’s designed images, colors and logo will be printed onto a special form of vinyl called “comfortable wrapping” material. Comfortable material is used as it has the best flexibility and is most suitable to a wide variety of different vehicle shapes.

Using the right adhesives and materials stops the wrap coming loose in just a few months.

Advancements in Vehicle Wrap and Graphic Services

There have been some important advancements in vinyl wrap materials that will improve the longevity of your vehicle wraps. These improvements however make it easier to attach vehicle wraps and prevent creases and air pockets. Small glass beads attach to the adhesive and interfere with the full adhesive connection until the right time. This lets the person applying the wrap to readjust their work several times without damaging the adhesive ability. A heat gun heats and sets the vinyl to consolidate the attachment.

What are Decals

The vehicle’s front window isn’t covered for safety, but decals are fitted over the side and rear windows of the. Perforated vinyl covers the side windows so they are still transparent for those inside. Contra Vision corp design and patented this graphic technology in the early 80’s

Moving parts and panels have pieces of the wrap cut to cover them.

Excellent for Business Promotion

Promoting company’s colors and logos is an option with this non-permanent solution. This is very popular in the UK railway service because different trains may switch companies and need their colors and liveries changed as well. Race cars will also use vinyl vehicle wraps as these are far lighter than conventional paint.

So, if you’re looking for auto wrap specialists in Dublin – get in contact.