Car Detailing Dublin – Keep Your Autos Exterior Clean

While you may have planned to maintain the service options on your car, we provide 4 fully-inclusive vehicle detailing treatment choices for performance and prestige cars. You will find a summary of each below. To book your car in, contact us by sending us an e-mail (address shown above), or complete our inquiry form. Please provide us with an overview of the car. This should include the color, model, make, and year along with what service you would like.

If you are unsure about which treatment you need, we are here to give you professional advice. We understand people live in a high pace world these days.

Our professional company provides different expert detailing services that match up to the needs of our most discerning clients. For example we offer routine cleaning, full-machine polishing, waxing and more. These detailing services include thoroughly cleaning and protecting all the interior and exterior surfaces and additional vehicle graphics. Therefore, using your car daily requires a bi-annual service.

What Are Our Car Detailing Services in Ireland?

Our vehicle detailing services includes correcting major and minor paint defects and to enhance the bodywork and paintwork. We highly recommend these for vehicles that have developed light scratches and swirl marks over time. This adds to the comprehensive procedure that we mentioned above for the Protection Detailing in the way of adding in our innovative multi-stage machine-polishing process. This procedure removes a thin layer of the paintwork to reveal an unblemished and fresh layer underneath.

Car Care – Wash, Wax, Polish and a Ceramic Coating?

We are usually able to guarantee a 99% paint correction of the present defects. However, the paint thickness and the severity of the defects can sometimes be a limiting factor. In the way of restoring the bodywork to a close to new condition, the costs of these details is usually accounted for by a highly positive effect when it comes to the value (residual) of the vehicle.

This procedure generally takes between 3 to 5 days to complete. The 4 X 4 vehicles and larger estate cars usually take a day or two longer. From here we apply a Nano-Ceramic Formula Hard H9, or a superior-quality sealant, or a high-quality wax to the polished bodywork. After that, exterior details are completed by sealing all the glass and wheels, dressing the trims, engine bay, and tires, and polishing up the exhaust tip.

The last stage of the process involves tackling the interior, cleaning all the trims, vacuuming fabrics, conditioning the leather or removing stains from upholstery using a brush cleaner.

If you want help with your detailing or valet – we’re here to help with all your wrapping and protection needs