Paint Protection For Cars in Dublin

Why Use 3M Paint Protection Film?

Due to its tough properties, 3M Paint Protection Film can offer superior protection to vulnerable painted surfaces of vehicles. This film protects automotive surfaces against minor abrasions, scratches, bugs, environmental elements, and stone chips. Protect your car, motorbike or lorry using 3M Paint Protection.

You can choose to have the most vulnerable surfaces of your car protected by this film or have your entire car covered for full protection. We have film protection to cater for those who need standard coverage and those who need full vehicle coverage.

Protective Film

We also have a protective film solution for those who need a protective film for improved aesthetics. Our dedicated template engineer creates bespoke designs for all car brands as soon as they hit the road. Therefore, you can be sure that you will get a film that will perfectly fit your vehicle and it will not be cut to make it fit your vehicle.

For many years, we have been designing templates and manufacturing. This allows us to create quality templates that offer optimal protection and coverage. Cleaning and preparing the surface is the installers first job. Cutting the kits on a plotter using our custom made vehicle templates comes next.

Next, every part is applied carefully to the vehicle using water and a slip solution to get the perfect fit. The water is then squeegeed out from under the film to ensure that there are no creases or air bubbles.

Lastly, the edges are wrapped around the panels where possible for an almost invisible finish. The film looks exactly like the original finish as it is virtually ‘orange peel’ free. In fact, it is hard to show others the product as it is almost invisible. However, it is a lot less visible than scratches, scuffs, and stone chips.