How much does a car wrap for a commercial vehicle cost in Ireland?

Any smart car owner in Ireland looking to revamp their commercial vehicle in an impressive look must have considered the wonders brought about by car wraps. A properly done car wrap will make your vehicle serve as a moving advertisement for your company and also protect your pricey paintworks at the same time. However, before you jump into the world of wraps, it is important to learn about pricing as well as how to get good deals for your brand in wraps. In this extensive guide, I will be taking you step by step on car wraps in Ireland and for a fair price comparison let us sneak a glance at the UK scene.

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Different costs incurred by car wraps

Car wraps are like a tailored suit for your car. they take different forms and have different sizes and styles. The price also depends on several factors for each of them. Here’s what you need to know:

Size and Complexity of Your Vehicle

  • SUVs and Vans: The size of a large commercial vehicle makes it expensive to wrap. The higher the cost, the more surface area that needs covering.
  • Intricate Designs: For example, if you want a full digital print wrap or other intricate graphics, the price can be increased, as this will take a lot of time and high accuracy.

Quality of Materials Used

  • Premium Vinyl vs. Budget Vinyl: The quality of the vinyl used has great bearing on the cost. Therefore, premium vinyl has a longer lifespan and provides more security.
  • Laminates and Protective Layers: High-end laminates enhance the durability of wrap and provide additional shielding against UV radiation and scratching.

Extent of Coverage

  • Full vs. Partial Wraps: The costs is influenced by the extend you want to wrap your vehicle. The whole vehicle is covered by full wraps while partial wraps concentrate on certain parts such as doors and windows.

Project Specifics

  • Custom vs. Standard Designs: However, the cost may be affected since custom design most often takes more efforts and time. A template may also be used which is cheaper than a standard template.
  • Multiple Vehicles: You might also be entitled to volume discounts if you consider wrapping an entire fleet of vehicles.

Additional Factors

  • Location: Cost of living and business overheads may differ across regions. For instance, the prices in Dublin may be slightly more expensive than in other parts of Ireland.
  • Design Complexity: The complexity of your design, number of colours and any special effects that you desire will dictate the cost. More time and materials are needed for complex designs.
  • Removal and Maintenance: Does the quote include the removal of the old wrap in case there exists? Ask also regarding the maintenance or repair should the items get damaged or undergo wear and tear.
  • Timeline: There is also a possibility of incurring extra costs in case of a rush job or a particular deadline.

Rough Estimates from Across the Water

Although my information is Ireland-based, let’s quickly look at the UK as an approximate. According to UK regulations, car wrapping costs could be from £150.00 + VAT. However, the cost will also depend on the number of items included and the quality of materials. Though this is UK-specific, it may give you an idea about price range to expect.

UK vs. Ireland Pricing

Nevertheless, there are several reasons, such as different demand for products and price of materials used, why pricing may vary between the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Getting an accurate quote

There is no universal answer to getting a correct quotation of your car wrap project. However, the most ideal option is to write individual letters to car wrapping companies in Ireland. This could actually give you accurate quotes that fit your requirements for commercial vehicles.

Reputable Providers

Locate well-respected and skilled providers in your neighborhood. Research on their work history and find reviews about them.

Materials and Durability

Ask them what kind of vinyl and laminates they have. Determine how long the wrap should last.

Project Consultation

Many suppliers provide a consultation to see your car and suggest designs. Use this opportunity for getting a genuine quote.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Don’t stop at one quote. Obtain quotations from different providers and evaluate them. This will assuredly guarantee you the best deal. Cheap things are often poor in quality; therefore, you should also take into account the quality of materials used and repute of the supplier.

Additional Considerations

In addition to the factors already discussed, there are a few more aspects to consider when it comes to the cost of car wraps for commercial vehicles in Ireland:

Maintenance and Repairs

Remember that you should also consider the cost of your car wrapping and any repair issues which might arise. This kind of good quality wraps needs less maintenance, but one has to budget for the repairs and retouching when appropriate.

Long-Term Benefits

It may not be cheap initially to buy car wraps, but long term benefits are incomparable. The well maintained wrap will preserve the paint of your vehicle also it is a movable advert that help you save some expense related to repainting and advert.

Customization and Branding

Branded car wrap provides you to personalize your vehicle with your logo and message. Look at the ways that this investment can project or portray your business in a positive light or make it a more visible presence.


Ensure that you ask your selected car wrap provider for a warranty. Therefore, a good supplier must have a warranty to cover issues or problems that may come up after the purchase.

Local Factors

However, it is important to note that local considerations, like competitive environment and existence of knowledgeable installers, have a direct bearing on pricing. To get an insight into the local market, it’s advisable to check out providers in your immediate area.

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Final Thoughts

You may find that one of the best investments for your Irish commercial vehicle is a car wrap. They will transform your vehicle to a moving billboard, they will keep your car paint work safe and they will make your business be unique. However, you should always keep in mind that different parameters influence the price on a car wrap, that’s why you need to study and compare. Ask reputable providers to give you quotes. Check their materials and previous projects. Shop around for the best deal!

Therefore, if you are looking to spice up your van or pickup trucks, look no further than Carstyle and other suppliers available nearby. If possible, your business’s image could be cruising along the streets of Ireland in great style within no time.

Safe driving and happy wrapping!