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Car Wrapping Is Awesome

Vehicle wrapping or vinyl wrapping is an amazing way for companies or individuals looking to give their transport a unique look. You can preserve, change the look of your vehicle and make it unique thanks to our wrapping services from our Dublin base.

Here’s The
Thing About Car Wrapping

It’s easy to arrange. You come to us with an idea, we design it and then we wrap it on your vehicle. Simple as that. Our wrapping services in Dublin are quick and easy allowing you to have your vehicle back in only a few days with a completely new look.

Why Vinyl Vehicle Wrap?

Car wrapping takes all of the hassle out of changing your motors exterior. It doesn’t require a change to your logbook and guarantees to preserve the paint underneath from anything the road can throw at it. What’s more is if you want to get rid of it, it has no effect on what’s below.

The Results of your

You get a completely unique finish to your car or van for a fraction of what it would cost to paint it. Your motor will be unique to you and safe from nature. If you’re a company using fleet vehicles this is the perfect option thanks to the non-permanent effect it provides plus the easy to clean high-quality vinyl will keep the body of the car in top shape.

Vehicle Wrapping Price Guide

Starting from 1000euro (Fiat 500, Punto, Polo, Hyundai i10 or i20,Toyota Aygo, Ford Fiesta etc) 

Starting from 1200 –  VW Golf. Ford Focus, Seat Leon, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes A Class, Audi A3

Starting at 1500 – BMW 5 series or Estate, Mercedes CLA, Range Rover Evoque, VW Passat, Audi A5

Starting from 1800e – BMW 5 Series, Range Rover Vogue/sport, Hyundai Tucson, Ford Ranger, VW Tiguan, Kia Sportage, Skoda Kodiaq, Porsche Cayenne

Why Should You Wrap Your Vehicles?

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See how we can turn your fleet into something special with a new look of your car. We wrap cars from our Dublin location and would love to wrap your vehicle.

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FAQs About Car Wrapping

Car wrapping is the art of covering a car with a thin, sticky film. This film can be in a variety of colors and finishes, giving rise to a multitude of visual effects from matte and glossy to rougher textures such as carbon fiber.

In Ireland, car wrapping cost varies, but generally fall between €1,500 and €5,000 or more, depending on the size of the vehicle, how complex a job it is to wrap that particular model and quality of materials. They can be more luxurious and feature intricate designs, which will increase the cost. Check out our blog on car wrapping costs in Ireland.

While it is legal to wrap a car in Ireland, if the wrapping significantly changes a vehicle’s color, then this needs to be reported to the National Car Testing Service (NCT) and update the registration documents

A good car wrap can last anywhere from 5 to 7 years, although there are many factors that affect how well it weathers, like quality of material and upkeep, and exposure to the elements. Here is a blog on car wrap longevity

Although you can wrap a car yourself, if you want to achieve a perfect end finish, professional installation is recommended. DIY wrapping can have such imperfections like bubbles and wrinkles. Here are a list of mistakes people make when wrapping a car

Designs are generally not limited, but wraps should not be objectionable and mustn’t look too much like an emergency vehicle. Also, an extremely brilliant or reflective wrap might be blinding to other drivers.

Wash often with mild soap and water. Do not use high pressure washes and waxes that are not intended for wraps. The life of the wrap can be prolonged by parking in shaded areas. Here is a blog on car wrap maintenance

If done properly, car wraps will not damage the original paint. In fact, they usually protect the paint from minor scratches and UV damage.

Yes, car wraps are made to be removable. To avoid damaging the underlying paint, professional removal is recommended.

This varies by insurer. Different companies may ask for extra premiums, and some might not cover the wrap at all. You should tell your insurance company about any major changes.

Wrapping of cars is generally cheaper than the full paint job, and it is reversible. In addition, there are more options in finishes, and wraps can be completed quicker than paint.

Depending on the size of the vehicle and the complexity of the wrap, it usually takes 2 to 5 days. Here is a blog on how long it takes to wrap a car

Almost any vehicle can be wrapped. However, the condition of the paint and bodywork affects the final wrap. Not ideal candidates are cars with rust or peeling paint. Here are some answers and considerations to this FAQ

Vinyl wraps pose an environmental problem in many ways. But the lack of chemical fumes makes them environmentally friendly compared to paint.

Check their customer reviews, and see examples of the work they have done. Certificates issued by wrap material manufacturers are also signs of a high quality service provider. Here are some tips on choosing a reputable car wrapping company

Car wrap is cheaper than paint – wrapping a car typically costs about half the price of a full respray paint job.

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